Virtual Bookkeeper for Nonprofits

Bookkeeping Accounting Advisory Services LLC is dedicated to meeting the bookkeeping and financial management needs of nonprofit organizations in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. Our nonprofit accounting services are designed to help charities, health care facilities, human service agencies, churches and membership organizations keep their books in order so they can make the most of their resources.

As a virtual bookkeeping firm that understands the unique challenges facing nonprofits today, Bookkeeping Accounting Advisory Services LLC is in the best position to offer the practical financial advice you need to achieve your goals. Nonprofits are not a side business for Bookkeeping Accounting Advisory Services LLC, they are our primary business. We offer a personal approach that includes learning about the day-to-day operations of your organization so we can customize our accounting and bookkeeping services to fit your needs. Our aim is offer practical solutions for reducing expenses and helping your dollars stretch farther, while ensuring your books are accurate and up to date.

Call Bookkeeping Accounting Advisory Services LLC today at 314-266-6560 to set up an appointment or schedule a free initial consultation online.

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